Bienvenue to the Art of French Dessert & Chocolate.

Maison LASSIAILLE is bringing the iconic treats of French culinary passion into the belly of the beautiful South West region.

Discover the indulgent flavours, majestic aromas and artistic beauty of the French sweet side.

Croquembouche Tower – $5 per croquembouche – Min 32 Caramel, nougatine and seasonal flowers included

Romain LASSIAILLE is a MasterChef in the art of Dessert & Chocolate.

For the last 18 years, Romain worked in some of the most prestigious Michelin star hotel/restaurants in Paris …,

  • Hôtel Vernet – Restaurant Le Vernet – 2 Michelin stars
  • Hôtel Le Royal Monceau Palace – Restaurant Le Jardin – 1 Michelin stars
  • Four Seasons Hôtel George V – Restaurant Le Cinq – 2 Michelin stars

… in some of the most prestigious hotel/restaurant around the world …,

  • Le Palace Hotel in Gstaad – Switzerland
  • Le Grand Chalet Hotel**** in Gstaad – Switzerland
  • Arts Boutique Hotel Barranco in Lima – Peru
  • Culinary Table Luxury Restaurant in Johannesburg – South Africa

… finally, for the past five years, Romain delighted all guests that had the pleasure to eat at the famous 5* hotel Pullman Resort in Bunker Bay.

And now, MasterChef Romain Lassiaille and his team are very proud to showcase your favourite French dishes in traditional and creative ways with Maison LASSIAILLE.